ICT50220 Diploma of Information Technology

National Qualification Code and Name : ICT50220 Diploma of Information Technology
Relevant Training Package: ICT Information and Communications Technology
CRICOS Course Code: 110355B

Entry Requirements

This course is available for those students who have completed year 12 or equivalent.

  • All international students must have at least a minimum of IELTS 5.5; or Equivalent.

  • Candidate should be 18 and above in age.

Delivery modes

* This course is delivered over 64 weeks including breaks.

  • Delivery involves 20 hrs. per week of total training with 13.5 hrs. per week of full-time face to face and online-based delivery and 6.5 hrs. per week online Moodle learning management system.

  • Covid-19 has left us in an unexpected situation. We will announce the mode of delivery of 13.5 hrs., face to face at the beginning of each term..

Course Description

This qualification reflects the role of individuals in a variety of information and communications technology (ICT) roles who have established specialised skills in a technical ICT function. Individuals in these roles carry out moderately complex tasks in a specialist field, working independently, as part of a team or leading a deliverable with others. They may apply their skills across a wide range of industries, business functions and departments, or as a business owner (sole trader/contractor).

Employment Opportunities

The Diploma of Information and Communications Technology reflects the role of individuals who have established specialised skills in a technical ICT function -

Possible job titles relevant to this qualification include:

  • * Business Analyst
  • * IT Cloud Engineer
  • * IT Office Manager

Course Structure

In order to successfully complete this course a candidate needs to accomplish the following units:

Unit Code Unit Name Status
ICTICT517 Match ICT needs with the strategic direction of the organisation Core
BSBXTW401 Lead and facilitate a team Core
BSBXCS402 Promote workplace cyber security awareness and best practices Core
ICTICT532 Apply IP, ethics and privacy in ICT environments Core
ICTSAS527 Manage client problems Core
BSBCRT512 Originate and develop concepts Core
ICTSAD507 Design and implement quality assurance processes for business solutions Elective (BAS)
ICTSAD508 Develop technical requirements for business solutions Elective (BAS)
ICTSAS502 Establish and maintain client user liaison Elective (BAS)
ICTAII401 Identify opportunities to apply artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning Elective (A.I)
ICTAII501 Automate work tasks using machine learning Elective (A.I)
ICTAII502 Train and evaluate machine learning models Elective (A.I)
ICTAUT501 Manage robotic process automation Elective (A.I)
ICTCLD509 Manage cloud identity and access Elective (C.C)
ICTCLD505 Implement cloud infrastructure with code Elective (CES)
ICTCLD506 Implement virtual network in cloud environments Elective (CES)
ICTCLD507 Build and deploy resources on cloud platforms Elective (CES)
ICTCLD508 Manage infrastructure in cloud environments Elective (CES)
ICTSAD509 Produce ICT feasibility reports Elective (BAS)
ICTSAS526 Review and update disaster recovery and contingency plans Elective (BAS)

Summary of qualification structure

  • Six (6) core units
  • Fourteen (14) elective units

Learning and Assessment Strategy

The assessment methods mentioned below will be used to assess the students:

  • *Practical demonstration/Observation
  • *Presentation
  • *Project/Assignment/Report
  • *Role Play /Simulated Workplace
  • *Written Test/ Oral Questioning
  • *Case Study/Scenarios


* Located in Sydney CBD and is only 3 minutes walk from the famous town hall square

* The computer labs at ACCIT are equipped with the latest software.

* Students can relax at the common lounge made for them for enjoying some leisure time.

* The classrooms at ACCIT are spacious and airy.

* Study in a friendly, hassle free and peace environment.

accit Refund policy

Refund Circumstances

Refund Amount

If the students visa application is rejected before commencement and the official rejection notice is forwarded to ACCIT

Complete refund of the fees after deducting the enrolment fees of $200

If ACCIT receives the written notice of enrolment cancellation at least 4 weeks before the course commencement date.

A complete refund of 80% of the tuition fees after deducting the enrolment fees of $200

If the written notice of cancellation of enrolment is sent to ACCIT within 30 days prior to the commencement of the course.

A complete refund of 50% of the tuition fees after deducting the enrolment fees of $200

If the admission is cancelled on or after the commencement of the teaching period

The complete tuition fees and the enrolment fees are non-refundable

The refund applications for fees and Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) needs to be submitted in hardcopy as well as in soft copy and mailed to: The Principal Executive Officer of the College. (paul@accit.nsw.edu.au)

Protection of fees paid in advance

Tuition fee paid in advance by student is protected under the commonwealth's Tuition Protection Service (TPS). TPS is a placement and refund service for international students. The TPS is like insurance cover for fees paid in advance. It is a single mechanism to place students when a provider fails to meet its obligations, or as a last resort, to provide funds of unexpended prepaid tuition fees.

Important Note

In case a particular course is cancelled by ACCIT, students are eligible for a full refund. A range of relevant legislation is applicable to all our international students. Information related to the relevant legislation can be found at the following websites.

·   ASQA

·   ESOS

·   DHA



The staff members of ACCIT ensure that all requirements of relevant legislation are met all the time. Go to the websites indicated, or contact the Principal Executive Officer for further information. Please refer to the official website of our institute for all policies and procedure related to ACCIT. All students can refer to this site Student Handbook Link and sign a form declaring saying that they have read the handbook during the orientation process.


Intake dates (Year 2024)

·         15th April 2024 & & 20th May 2024

·         08th July 2024 12th August 2024

·         30th September 2024 & 20th October 2024


Intake dates (Year 2025)

·         27th January 2025 & 17th February 2025

·         21st April 2025 & 12th May 2025

·       14th July 2025 & 18th August 2025

·           06th October 2025 & 10th November 2025