13 Aug

The Future of Diploma

The biggest advantage of a diploma course lies in its targeted skilling and the lesser amount of time taken to achieve the said skill set. Specifically pertaining to professional or vocational curriculums, diploma courses are essentially tailored to the workings of a definite industry and hence it makes it easier for the pursuivants to avail a job in the same field and work accordingly. This is one of the biggest reasons why Diploma courses have become indispensable worldwide since people now want the job as soon as they complete their educations and a Diploma course makes it possible. In recent times, Australia has successfully established its foothold as one of the leading educational destinations. With few of the world’s best universities and Vocational Education and Training Institutes in its kitty, Australia has steadily risen to the top as a provider of technical and theoretical knowledge and globally recognized levels of qualifications to the international students who travel to Australia to start of their careers. Hence currently it offers Diploma courses in various subjects like Hospitality, Business, Information Technology and Accounting. ACCIT Australia understands the importance of having skills and a good career in this fast-paced world. With more than ten years of experience in the education industry, ACCIT Australia knows that learning reaches fruition when it is complemented with a well – paid job. Hence to that effect, it is offering two Diploma courses to its international students. Part of different sectors, these dual Diploma courses are structured to meet the industry needs and demands and are skill enhancers at the very same time. The first Diploma course it offers to its International students is Diploma of Information Technology Networking. This 52-week long course teaches the students effective skills for managing the installation of the different network like internet working, security, e-business integration, individually as an ICT specialist or as the part of a team. With 5 core and 11 elective units, completion of this diploma course will help you secure a job as a Network Administrator, IT operations administrator, Network support coordinator, Network operations analyst, Network security coordinator, Network e-business coordinator among others. Whereas the other Diploma of International Business that ACCIT offers to its international students is also a 52-week long course where the students’ international trade skills are developed as well as their broad knowledge base in a wide variety of sources. Students are made responsible for monitoring the work of other staff members and keeping a track of that. They lead teams in any sort of international business activities. With 8 elective units under its ambit, employment opportunities under this course include Export manager, Import manager and Trade manager. In case, you are an international student thinking about studying something to make a career out of it, Diploma course is the way to go and Australia is the pace to be. Reach out to ACCIT today.