28 Sep

Canton Fair - An opportunity not to miss

A bond of friendship A bridge for trade and indeed it is in all aspects. The Canton fair is one of the most famous trade fairs that is organized as a joint venture by the Ministry of Commerce of China along with Guangdong Province. The Fair have been organizing since 1957 and more than thousands of enthusiasts from all over the world have been pouring into the event making it successful one. The most interesting part is that the interest and the anticipation among the participants as well as the visitors of the fair are always on the increasing scale till date.

Now you may start wandering that what is that USP of the fair that it has proved to be the center of attraction not just for once or twice, but for decades. Previously named as the China Import and Export Fair, the Canton fair is one of the largest trade fairs that are run in a global basis. Exhibitors as well as the buyers from all over the world pour into the fair to make it a successful one. Visiting the fair will help you in gathering a proper insight as to how the international trade relations work. You will get a practical idea of all the concepts and the theories taught by ACCIT Australia so far.
In a nutshell, you will understand the practical aspects of all the theories and laws that you have learnt so far. We all know that often, there is a gap among what we learn and how things are applied in the practical world and more often the things are never the same. The Canton fair will play a pivotal role in helping you in bridging up the gap among the theoretical and the practical aspects. You will understand the international Trade as well as the other aspects of business, leadership and even information technology- but this time from a wider angle.

As people from all over the world – both the exhibitors as well as the buyers participate in this gathering, you get to understand new people, new lifestyles and new perspect- indeed a bond of friendship. There are almost no reasons that you should not participate in the Canton fair.

Now if the questions like the passage money and the other costs are worrying you that much then ACCIT Australia is always on your side. You can avail this wonderful opportunity at only $1100.  Even if you have problems in paying that, you can pay it in two halves of $550 each. The expenses will include everything ranging from flight tickets to visa, as well as fooding and the lodging charges. In a nutshell, all expenses excepting your personal expenses will be under this $1100 umbrella.

So, what are you waiting for?

Your door of opportunities is just a knock away from you

An opportunity that is lost, is lost forever. So just enroll into the Canton fair trip before the dates drain out.